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>Are there quake 3 mods for campaign?
while not full-on quake 3, hunter's moon for GZDoom by Zanieon is rather good and pretty decent

with "not full-on quake 3" meaning it includes mostly (?) monsters from Doom 3 or made from scratch

areas are pretty open and employs a fuckload of resources from Q3, but be warned, it's a fucking resource hog as it uses 3D models for often pretty much everything, even enviromental decorations such as torches, lights, even the monsters themselves, you name it

don't know if it's finished yet though. might wanna take a look http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=30942

>My apologies
heh don't mention it

>However, there's the implied message--
you got me, I worded that pretty poorly in my post, sorry

>dat changelog
damn, i know this might be probably wishful thinking at not much else but I sincerely fucking hope Doom 4 implements at least three or four features from those you mention for the sake of replayability and shit

well, you just got me hyped for both games at this point. but then again i'm a huge sucker for arena style FPS and i've been playing quake 3 arena to hell and back as of lately so im aching for new games that feature fast-paced style of play.

i just hope my future PC will be able to handle both UT and Doom properly

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