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I eventually figured it out. Up around the area on top where you run into the second silver door
there's a small ledge just over there by one of the turrets that leads to a breakable window, where you can get that silver key, and conveniently return in short order right back up to where you need it

The secret library... im not sure how to get in there, I guess you take that silver key and go open that door instead (there's a replacement key inside so you can still use it upstairs).

The blood key is right along the way to get in this one room
where there are some fresh clean socks for a change...

I forget if this opens the door to that floating bastard that sets you on fire, but if you grenade jump onto a platform just before it you can get a quad and erase that fucker.

and this whole adventure grants you a rocket launcher in a map where it isnt all that needed

and also

causes you quite abit of a pain in the ass too, since there are a couple of those squid monsters that shoot lava bombs because of this, not to mention that super-reiver from hexen

The red armor that I couldnt get to was under this lift which is in the room up in that turret where the silver key leads to.

> All of this reminds me that before I played this map I Had No Idea that in quake the locked doors steal the key that you used to open them, just like Zelda.

Also I never found the Purple Key, but all it leads to is a dopefish secret.

> Arcane Dimensions
The room in the Start level at the bottom under the lift asks if you have all 4 Runes...

ARE THERE any maps in AD that actually give you Runes? Would you even be able to keep them after finishing a map?

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>It's a map with a floor

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filename not related
>this is doom
stop your wizardry!

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