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What's up /vg/? Fa/tg/uy visiting.

I'm gonna be running a tabletop roleplaying game in a FF8 inspired world. Weird weapons, draw system, junctioning, and all. What are some core themes of ff8 for me to remember? Any ideas for cool plot hooks or world designs? I'm just all around looking to brainstorm with you guys here.

The characters are a dragoon, a fist wizard (zell), and a super good swordsman. They've just graduated from Garden, and are going out into the world to make a name for themselves as Mercs.

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I'm fixing to play this. Is there any advantage to playing the PC version or is it okay going into the original ps1 version?

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I would've said FFT but that's a SRPG.

I'll always love FFVIII.

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How about a Final Fantasy VIII thread? It'd be sweet to have a good thread on it and if people that weren't a fan could just hide the thread or something because I know it's not everyone's cup of tea. But
>what did you enjoy most in the game?
>favorite character?
>favorite GF?
>did you beat Ultimate weapon?
>what was your method for beating Ultemecia? Aura spam or straight up?
>favorite track from the OST?

I'll start, I enjoyed the garden settings and the various missions like the Edea assassination the most. Favorite characters would be Squall or Chicken Wuss. As for GF's, Diablos is by far my favorite. I most definitely beat all the optional bosses, and as typical as this is, Liberi Fatali is my favorite track from not only this game but all games.

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