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>imagine getting filtered by a VF-lite combat system
yakuza is the game for you

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Can someone sell me on this game? Is it basically PS2's Shenmue? With lots of investigating/talking/basking in the ambience with the occasional bout of action? If so, I'm in!

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Shenmue is pretty great. Actually just came back from a weekend at a friends place where he was playing through Shenmue 3 while a few of us watched. Was lucky enough to get around 4 people in Shenmue over the past three years (and now a 5th since someone who was watching thought 3 looked cool and showed interest in 1 and 2).

While he was doing that I just gave 2 a small replay on my phone and it's still pretty incredible to this day, going up to some random guy in the street and asking him for help or directions is really cool. Plus the fact everyone is voiced by a unique voice you won't usually hear again is great especially for a game from 2001. I was lucky enough to experience this in its full glory back in 2002 or so when I was a kid since I can really appreciate it both then and now.

Have fun with 2, it's larger than 1 but I'd say smaller in "artistic vision" where you can't really interact with everything like you could in 1 but it's still a great game. Small bit of advice but spend your money when you get off the boat on anything you come across as you go on. There's a lot of gacha and maps and stuff. Also, Delin and Ren are the most based individuals you will come across in that game so get ready.

Also after you're done with 2, and hopefully 3. There's a small Japanese only "demo disc" of Shenmue called What's Shenmue that has some cool differences and stuff in it, if you wanted to give it a try.

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>release date
>shares many multi-plats with PS1/N64
>it's awesome

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Fair enough, always ask around so you know what the fuck is going on though, you can sometimes get some valuable information as well that'll go into your notepad. Check that a lot too.

The fighting is pretty crappy I'll give you that, but just learn the moves that really do damage. Learn the throws and the elbow move (I think it's like Analogue Stick and X or Y) and you'll be getting through mobs easily. I think there's also a frame perfect counter on the Y button you'll need to git gud at for some fights.

The fighting can get really annoying as time and the game goes on, but once you get the hang of it it's not too hard You can also just cheese big group fights by running around in a large circle and regain health easily.

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Saturn for 2D.
DC for 3D.

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Your laptop must suck then, anon.

I had a shitty computer that could barely run anything, and it was able to play Shenmue at 60fps without any problems. NullDC isn't very resource intensive, even natively it should run fine.

It's one of those games that literally want you to train your moves, find new moves and just master the controls, because there was originally going to be like 7 games in this series, and you'd be getting better and stronger as the games go on, so the controls would've been refined more.

You can button mash your way through, it's not hard. If you put time into it though, you can really get good at the fighting, but I doubt anyone did that.

The gameplay is pretty shitty if you'd casually play it, and the camera doesn't help either, I never mastered any combos and just mashed throughout. It doesn't hurt the game too much I'd say. Yakuza has better combat, but it's fucking boring to fight since it's just the same combo again and again to win.

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