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Yeah, they always fuck up the background layers.

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Looks more like a single plane with mode 7-ish effects.
Here's a better example of actual polygon graphics on Mischief Makers:

Some platforms there are actual 3D polygon graphics as well as the backgrounds effects.
But those are about the only times you see these kind of graphics on the game, most of the game looks like pic related.
Marina's sprite and most of the other graphical assets on the game are purely 2D, not polygon (as the aforementioned Kirby or Goemon games).

Take for example Symphony of the Night. We all can agree it's one of the most famous 2D games on 5th gen, right? Yet it still has some 3D polygonal graphics here and there (for example, the coffin on the save room). Having some 3D effects doesn't make the whole game 3D, it's still 2D for the most part.

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