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What are shitty games with kickass soundtracks?

Pic related; anything Tim Follin has his name on is usually bound to be anus.

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Silver Surfer (NES)

- Make foreground and background distinguishable (or remove collision entirely)
- Add autofire, capped at a reasonable rate

Honestly would be one of the better shmups on the NES if you just fixed those two things.

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So true.


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Pfft, castlevania being hard. Only CV3 was legit imo

Try to play this fucking game and call me when you at least beat someone

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Motherfucking silver surfer

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So after avoiding this game every time I ever saw it (because I believed the meme that it was "bad"), I finally got around to playing it.

All I can say is:

>>>Holy shit.

Maybe it's because I expected the game to be extremely bad that I enjoyed it, but I really don't see what all the fuss is about. The only flaws I can really comment on are the insane amount of boss hp, and issues with distinguishing between background and foreground occasionally. In the end, aside from a few minor gripes, the game has excellent music, great responsiveness, and is challenging, but not entirely unfair.

What other games do you guys believe get a bad wrap but don't quite live up to their reputation of shit when put to the test?

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Because of the same reason Ikaruga isn't hard compared to other bullet hells, THERE ARE HARDER GAMES THAN THIS.

Ironically, both share two points, the mentioned above and very awesome music

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>inb4 boo hoo you just hate it because AVGN

This game is beatable but its hard as shit considering two points

1)There will be parts that will make you cry "Give me a sphere please!"
2)Mashing the button shoots faster than the turbo button so get those thumbs fit
3)The Emperor stages

If you are able to 1cc any shoot em up, let's say Einhänder, you will find this game a bit easier.

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>IronMan'ing Silver Surfer
Bring it on.

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>"waaah you die by hitting anything"
>Your hitbox is practically both the table and the surfer, which makes a reversed T as a hitbox
>"waaah everything comes from anywhere"
>There are shoot em ups like Gradius III arcade which puts this game on shame
>"i can't beat this game without a turbo button"
>Shotting without it is faster and more reliable than the turbo button
>"waaaah, artificial difficulty"
>Complaining about artificial difficulty when shit like Dodonpachi, Ikaruga and other bullet hells exists on the same category of the shmup genre

I tell ya what, i have beaten this game and while being a hard as shit game, there are harder games.

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Not really, just saved that pick from a quake thread on this board

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