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should've looked exactly like this but black/orange/purple/silver

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Who the fuck calls this the "perfect controller" besides retards who grew up with it. Even with that possibility taken into account, I still find it hard to believe.

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How can anyone call this the perfect controller when the Z button is in the worst possible area?

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Don't allow gen 6, but allow GameCube as an exception. No smash melee allowed ever. There. We're all happy.

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It's not, they made an objectively superior replacement 18 years ago, and today we have a god-tier adapter that lets you use it on your N64 https://www.raphnet-tech.com/products/gc_to_n64_adapter_v3_with_builtin_controller_pak/index.php

There's a reason so many n64 speedrunners have shitcanned that shitty controller instead of constantly trying to maintain it.

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>Also, why are the A and B buttons green and red in that video?
Gamecube version?

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Big bro, Big Bro!

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The sixth generation was more of the same. First out of the gate in 1999 was the Dreamcast gamepad. It was the Saturn 3D controller with a different shell and expansion slots cribbed from the N64 controller. The VMU, while an evolutionary dead end, was its major innovation. While the controller had some interesting expansion capabilities with the VMU, rumble packs, microphones, etc., Sega hadn’t learned what Nintendo had; that expansions slots on your controller weren’t that great of an idea.

Then in 2000 along came Sony with the DualShock 2. It was the original DualShock with analog buttons. Nothing more. No surprises but still the best controller of its generation, though that lead was lessening.

Finally Nintendo and Microsoft join the race. Nintendo surprises everyone by releasing a surprising good controller. It has a sensible shell, built in rumble, a good primary thumbstick and well executed analog triggers. The button layout was good, but not as good as the standard diamond layout they pioneered with the SNES gamepad. The second analog ‘c-stick’ was disappointing. The D-pad was almost vestigial and much too small. While the triggers were analog the rest of the buttons were not. That was a lost opportunity.

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Why is it so rare to use this controller?

Works for everything (except PS1), D-Pad isn't even inconvenient, feels great, etc etc

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But I do.

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Only for 3D games
That tiny ass dpad kills it

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