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The game's core mechanic is that the ghosts get confused by eating a power pellet, and after about round 12 that stops occurring altogether. I could see this argument applying if getting swallowed by a Like-Like destroyed whatever sword and tunic Link was carrying at the time, but you just get them right back. In fact, it's actually more detrimental to have a deku shield burnt up since you end up having to buy a whole new one once all the chests are used.

You have genuine anger issues if you interpret anything about the post as being negative. I'm just pointing out how Nintendo was able to optimally and efficiently recycle gameplay elements while presenting them as being new and unique.

The hookshot's depth is unintended, though. Being able to skip a puzzle by latching onto an enemy or a torch is cool, but that's not what it's there for.
Likewise, by your own admission, fire arrows didn't need to exist, and likely not even Din's fire, as the game can largely be completed by just aiming a regular arrow into a flame.

>Stalfos fight you head on and use shields
This implies that the other enemies don't fight you head on or block at any point, which is just wrong.

Epona is not a new mechanic. If I wasn't allowed to sprint in Doom until I reached Episode 2, would you call that inventive game design? Besides, everyone and their mother knows that sidehopping is faster from the moment you drop down from Link's treehouse.

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