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Star Ocean 2

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Carmack = Quake 2 a technically polished marvel lacking soul and substance

Romero = Daikatana a buggy slapshod mess with an ambitions story and bold genre defying leaps buried deep down

They both needed each other.

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Play Star Ocean the Second Story or I'll come to your house and erase all your save states you fucking zoomers

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as a kid, I definitely missed the boat on RPGs since all I really had were star ocean 2 and FF7, since I was pretty much blessed with the gold standard of horror games with RE1-3, both dino crises, and silent hill

so I've been on a bit of a JRPG craze for the last few years and I'm just wondering, what are some good older JRPGs? I'm not exactly the biggest fan of turn-based combat because star ocean 2 spoiled me pretty hard with good combat, though

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