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Eh, mechanically I have to give it to the remake but in terms of overall presentation I can't help but prefer the original.

The REmake took out a lot of the camp and played things a bit too straight and to be honest I miss a lot of the colors the original had. The remake palette is just so dry compared to the sharper colors in the original. I miss blue.

Plus I don't really think a lot of what remake added made shit better. Crimson heads are scarier at first but are just a pain in the ass later on when you have to waste slots on kerosene and a lighter all for an interim rank enemy when Hunters where fine and Lisa Trevor was shoe horned as fuck just for the sake of an occasional super monster like Nemesis.

Id strongly encourage playing both but the OG game just had a certain je ne sais quoi that you really can't recapture. The remake should be played to compliment the original not replace it.

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