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What? You got a fucking problem bro? Huh?!

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It could be a lot worse.

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Don't make everything 90 degree walls and then say it's inspired by Doom and Heretic, these games had walls at many angles, their actual limitation was not rendering room over room sectors. If you want to make a shooter like that, fine, but don't say it's like Doom. Optionally, you could take some pages from Rise Of The Triad, which did 90 degree walls, but played around a lot with height.

Don't make sprites shit-ass stick figures with single shade colors, that will just make shit look like an Atari 2600 sprite except someone forgot they were generally only one color. Nobody drew characters as stick figures for shooters back then, nobody who made an actual good game at any rate. This isn't to say you can't have some kind of stylized look to your game, but pic related just doesn't look fucking good.
You will have to actually draw sprites with some detail on them, optionally pre-render 3D models, or digitize physical models or live actors, you'll likely have to edit these in post.

Don't make sprites and textures around 16x16 pixels, even Wolfenstein 3D was doing 128x128 textures for its walls in 1993.

Don't make it generate levels procedurally, this is an enormously unsuitable mechanic for a first person shooter, it will make everything feel lifeless and stale. You will have to sit down and actually make levels for your game, which means you will have to take a look at and get some ideas about level design theory, like how to do level progression, how to craft encounters, and making your level so that it's not difficult for the player to orient in.

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