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Reply to news post.

/msfixd/ guy here; a new version (which I'm just gonna call v1.0b) is out! If you haven't caught this in the other threads, it's a revamp of MagSigmaX's 'Project MSX' targeted at modern GZDoom. It fixes bugs, adds a metric ton of player-customizable options, and adds IWAD compatibility for Heretic, Hexen & Strife!


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/msfixdguy/ here. Yesterday, I said the female playersounds would need to be put off, because the ones I downloaded were too quiet and had an annoying 'blip' sound at the end. Well, they're back in! I downloaded & installed Audacity and fixed them in an hour. Was surprised how easy it was, despite the fact I've never used any sound editing software. ...Kinda begs a question; namely, why couldn't the guy who ripped these sounds be bothered to do it, but anyways, glad that's fixed. I appreciate that an anon offered to help. I still need to figure out why the death sounds won't play, yet all the others do, but then I've never needed to define gendered playersounds in SNDINFO before, so I suppose that's to be expected.

Otherwise, work continues. The Sentinels in Strife are absolute bastards and need to be nerfed, and I've significantly cut down on the firing code of the Barracuda AR:

Back when MagSigmaX's made MSX, if you wanted a weapon to have degrading accuracy the longer it fired, you needed multiple calls to A_JumpIfInventory to check for the amount of some item that represented firing time, each one jumping to a separate call to A_FireBullets, for example, where you'd explicitly state the accuracy of the hitscan on the XY axes. Today, you can just use CountInv expressions in A_FireBullet's first two fields and then do some maths with them, and cut all that to *one* A_FireBullets call. If I was doing this in ZScript I could cut all this further by using proper variables, but I'm not diving in to ZScript until they get more documentation done.

I'm working on adding a damage/AOE radius slider for the overcharged fists & grenades, as an anon in the last thread suggested they're too OP.

If you have any suggestions on stuff to add, feel free to post it.

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