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>The Adventures of Square's unexpected release
>BTSX's second Episode's beta also fucking unleashed after weeks of expectation
>Yet another Plutonia wad for the h4rdc0r3 Doom audience
>People finding obscure wads from Tom Mustaine and discovering TWO doom2.exe bugs in matter of DAYS
>Rideable bikes, pinkys and cacos

This fucking week, man. This fucking week.

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And here I thought Doom X being revived was the biggest bomb dropped regarding on-hold projects. Nothing can top this, son.

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>[20:41] *** MartyKirra changed nick to MartyKirra|Busy

What is he up to?

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>be in elementary school
>read a story about a dog race in the alps
>had to write a sequel
>wrote something where Pokemon fell from the sky and everyone got one
>realize, in a sudden twinge of horror, I wrote absolute shit
>had to read it aloud despite my protests

I truly lived in a horrific time.

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