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Did you see a long time back some guy made gifs of doom levels being made where he had a script draw each line in the order it was made in an editor into a program, so you see it appear in real time. Was pretty neat.

I was wanting to have a system of level commentary like in Half Life 2/Portal where there are "nodes" that players can walk up to and activate and I would speak at and discuss my thoughts on the nearby area, elements of the creative process, why I did or didn't include stuff and things like that. I'd try and have others comment as well if I could, such as the guy who makes the music can add in his own two cents on why he used the track he did.
Anyway, I'm Cauldron on the forums (i almost never log in). Plan on posting my level in a year or so.

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Well thanks a million again, friend. In the credits I can include "help from /vr/" but if you had a name I'd use it.
Really grateful for the help.

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So are Cacowards physical things now?

Or was that just for Romero?

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Can anybody recommend anything to buy on the new steam sale that is retro related?

I've got 100 bucks credit so feel free to list.

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