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You dumb little fucks in this thread. Why is no one talking about the shit fest that is HOTA online game play...

These people are unreal, I tried to learn the rules of starting a match, including bidding for the starting town and colour.
Also, they put the game in russian and when the factions show up I don't what is what. Really inconvenient. These guys I play with are most of the time really suck major dick and are not behaving supportingly.

I used to play with people who don't give a shit. I mean it is nice and all that the whole russian and polish nation is addicted to this romantic rpg from the golden times. However this sportsmanship is getting out of hand. I like to watch the good polish players. I am a pretty solid heroes player myself even though I say so myself, singleplayer has no use and no AI stands a match even with meme solmyr but fuck this stupid hota rules and slavic hecks

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How do you guys experience the pvp options on HOTA? I really want to play those L 160% JC 1 vs 1 but they are simply too big too play in under a normal time let's say 1 hour.

I think 200% M is a more quick way for 1 vs 1 but then a lot of the content is not used anymore and powerful heroes are even more of an advantage just like mass slow

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Starting a random M map with 4 players
Start as tower because of all the ruckush people talking about it
Do not even use the chain lightning that often it is more about slow, mass haste
Do the elemental workshop which had 160 iron golems
Do the retreat tactic with naga's and my master gremlins be shootin'
Clean the elemental workshop with like 2 MG 1 naga queen and some gremlin/gargoyle losses
Get like 6 giants
Get diplomacy
Got a border guardian which was like 60 rocs
Cheese the rocs with recruiting 7 golem each in 1 stack and casting 2 chain lightnings per battle and then retreat
Now im in the new area and im already tearing shit up

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