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>I think you just don't like seeing iconic sprites done in a modern style... if it was a 1/1 conversion of the sprite to model high res texture 3d model you would still bitch.
I disagree, that's clearly not what he's saying. The design is visibly very different, and it's inferior to the original because it just isn't scary or uncanny enough. He's way overdesigned. Look at this guy, he's not armor plated, he doesn't have spikes and thorns, he doesn't have glowing eyes, he doesn't even have any claws or anything, he looks like he could almost be human, but very obviously isn't.

I don't think newDoom's monster design is all bad, some of it is pretty cool (I actually like the Baron and Caco), but some of it really misses its mark.

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I guess they edited it because it looked awful.
Kinda like they did with the Flame boi

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Yeah, kinda. Just size him up so he's bigger than the player, and give him those crazy fast strides.

I'll say I'm not fully in love with the whole carapace thing they're doing with a lot of the demons, on some of them, like the Baron, it looks great, but it looks absolutely out of place on the Vile, and really kills what made his original aesthetic so perfect.

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>Using words to convey a message
>A medium which has existed and propelled our species to its current existence
>In 2019

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why is there an ayy lmao in hells army?

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Then perish.

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mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm bet they taste good with spaghetti

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