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It's flawed, quite so, but I still think it's pretty good in it's own way even when compared to it's much superior predecessors.
The gameplay is actually rather fun, if you get used to the darkness. Flashlight mod is recommended, but not required.
The chainsaw is fun as fuck, I think it's better than the original chainsaw.

If you know what you're doing, you can basically use the chainsaw for most of the game once you have it, it's viable in near all but some of the later, harder horde encounters in the hell levels. You can even snuff Cacos with it if you get up in their grill.
Tentacle commandos? No worry, they charge at you, you take their challenge, spring towards them so you're literally touching them, duck down to avoid their tentacle lash, and then at the same time split them upwards through their groin.

Chaingun commandos and Revenants at a distance are really what'll remain hard. Mancubi are also hard to saw, since they fire volleys of fire, and they're surprisingly fast at turning, so you can't just circlestrafe and then saw them in the back, they'll wheel around in an instant and bonk you in the head with their arm cannons (they're harder than the Hell Knights in this regard).
Archviles are perfectly viable for the chainsaw if you just sprint up to them and saw them until they die, they won't have a chance to retaliate if done right.

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