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What's a genre nobody thought of putting Doom into yet?
Like, we've had rougelite stuff and 2d Doom stuff, but what else?

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***The Plutonia Experiment***

After Hell's catastrophic invasion of Earth, the United States took steps to prevent such an invasion from recurring. The old UAC corporation was refounded, under completely new management (since the old trustees and stockholders were all dead, this wasn't much of a problem), and sent to research tools and technologies to prevent such an incursion from happening ever again.
Though the invasion had been stopped, and the remaining demons were gradually being exterminated by mopping-up squads, it was clear that the powers of Hell remained strong. While the Spider Mastermind and Baphomet seemed to no longer threaten, who knew what else lay Outside? Waiting. Watching. Preparing.
The new UAC began working on quantum Accelerator devices, intended to close
interdimensional gates at a distance and so prevent future incursions forever. The project began innocently enough. Naturally the scientists, in order to learn how to close Gates, had to relearn Gate technology first. This ability was rapidly regained. Perhaps too rapidly.

>The Terror
Soon, beings from Outside had their dire attention drawn to the new experiments, and then, one day, a Gate opened in the heart of the research complex. Unnatural horrors from the pit poured in, ravening for destruction. But the UAC scientists had learned their trade. The Quantum Accelerator Device performed perfectly in its maiden test -- the invasion Gate was closed instantly and permanently when the Accelerator flicked on. A cyberdemon, halfway through, was snipped in two when the Gate closed. Earth would now be safe from literal invasion by Hell. At least, once the technology could be set up around the globe.
The next day, a ring of seven Gates opened, throughout the base, and a monstrous legion rampaged through. The Quantum Accelerator began putting out the Gates at once, and within an hour, six were closed. But the hellish army was now too strong, too numerous. The marines fought like mad dogs, but were

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Think of a room, any room, and then try to replicate it.

An open room with a side-staircase leading up to another set of room, with the walkway being visible from the bottom floor.

A porch-like area that overlooks an outdoor area with windows on 3 sides of the "porch."

An apartment complex with stairs leading upwards, with "apartments" on each floor. (This one would be a bit harder).

All it takes is a bit of inspiration or gettin' high to come up with a brand new room. Expand on previous rooms by thinking what would come next, what would be connected to these rooms, and what is a great way to connect them all.

The rest is practice.

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I always imagined there was 2-3 slots on each gun that the mod packs would sorta snap into and become a part of the gun.

As far as looking like the sniper mod pack, yeah, it looks fukn spot on m8. Curious what the back would look like, or if you'd have it mirrored on both sides; still looks great.

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Oh my god, this is so awesome, found it in the doom image folder
Is there anything like this for real? I'd play the shit out of that

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No. I mean either a conplete Total Conversion or even the Marathon, Dook, or SW levels.

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Last one for now...

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Yup, none.

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Its not like I dont want to help you but last time I tred maping it went so bad, doomguy came out of the screen to marineslap the fuck out of me.

Download the pack, theres a couple like that.

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I set crazy settings for maps, on purpose, with tons of ammo and at least a chaingun, rocket launcher, or plasma rifle. I feel like that's the best way to play it; all crazy and what not. It's good to be unbalanced sometimes. You don't have to worry about ammo as much because, personally, I like to have health on deafult or just one notch higher. Try out that vietnam server everyone's playing, or try out the Painful invasion server; the second level on that Painful invasion one is pretty crazy.

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I regularly host Internal Conflict, and whatever else I feel like hosting. Tonight, I was going to host a hitscan hell episode made through Oblige. It's made for co-op so other people can join.

>I'd like to play some Internal Conflict if we could get enough people though.

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Hey guys, we got a Public Internal Conflict server up and running, and so far we've had a lot of cool people; no bad pubbies. Come on in and enjoy some fun.

Hostname: Public Demon Dogpile!

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I'm trying to find this one HUD that was shown here awhile back. It's essentially the DOOM Guy's visor with all the status values on it.

Anybody know what it was called?

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Bl, that's rough...

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