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The no-intro sets on archive.org are complete for commercial releases and for the systems /vr/ cares about like Sega and Nintendo. They even have some unlicensed releases like Bible Adventures but I'm not sure on what the criteria is for what makes the cut and what doesn't when it comes to unlicensed.

2600 and C64 are much more loosey-goosey when it comes to what was "commercially released", so expect to have someone come out of the woodwork foaming at the mouth because it doesn't have their brother's cousin's friend's secret C64 port of ZZT.

no-intro intentionally does not have "alternative" dumps and romhacks and shit, for good reason. If you want that garbage then dig around in the sewer for goodsets. That said, they do have some non-game files where appropriate like BIOS files or ROM dumps of SNES expansion chips.

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