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Then why did they hire him to write the story of Baten Kaitos?

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>Shitty Dungeon Keeper ripoff for retarded babies.
>Metroid Prime
>Shitty System Shock ripoff for retarded babies.

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>A character created by John Milton in Paradise Lost

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>FF: 3>5>2>1>4>6

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>I didn't personally enjoy it much so it's completely impossible for me to believe that other people might have.
Why are some of you so autistic?

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>be console peasant
>blame game for your plight

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>Neckbearder trying to project this hard

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>Alcohol leaves residue. Use contact cleaner only.
nigger what do you think the main ingredient in any standard contact cleaner is

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There's your first issue right there.

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>but the general feel of it is very nihilistic and empty.

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>NSMB/3Dland/world game
>first stage is a copy of 1-1
>all the music is NES remixes but with BAAH BAAH
>8 worlds of the exact same themes/order as SMB3

I've always loved SM64, but I'm appreciating it more and more for actually doing its own thing instead of every single aspect of it just being a cheap nostalgia/reference to the earlier games.

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