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Well, with berserk you can Detroit Smash any mook enemy, and some larger ones, with the right opportunity, but some I wouldn't.

I wouldn't wanna go toe to toe with a Baron because they can claw really hard and you can't bait them like you can a Revenant.
Either you're next to him and his attack contacts as melee, or you're not and he sends a fireball flying.

Meanwhile, the mentioned Revenant has them separate, so you can get up in his grill and bait him to try to punch you, and with good timing you can consistently punch him in the skelecock.
For Mancubodes and Arachnotrons, they don't have a melee attack at all, so if you have something to dive behind to avoid intermittent hellfire, you can keep smocking them until they're done (mind these two are hard to melee in vanilla Doom due to hitbox pecularities)
Arch-Viles are scary, and fast as lightning, but if you're stuck in a space with one, and there's at least a pillar to break his line of sight for his devil magicks, you can Berserk punch the guy fairly easily, if nobody else interferes too much.
Meatballs are like made for Berserk, they have NO attacks, and if you keep staying in his way, you can keep aborting his skull children.

Super Sci-Fi Steroids are bretty gud stuff.

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I'm a fan of the console Doom ports, specifically the Sony PlayStation port. I don't know if many people are but I do have a question pertaining to them:

Is there a mod that has the "simplified" versions of the console Doom maps, stemming back from the Atari Jaguar version, as well as the console exclusive maps? Is there also a mod that contains the sound effects from the Saturn/PlayStation versions? The only mod that I know of is CONSOLEDOOM.WAD, but this incorporates some levels from Doom 64 into the mix, which is, while still cool, something that I don't prefer. The PSX Doom Total Conversion is impressive, but is a hassle to setup, and all I'm really wanting are the simplified levels and sound effects, something that can be easily done with a WAD or two.

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I don't know. It might be someone's test footage. I really meant to upload this.

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I'm going to run Colorful Hell + Trailblazer, anyone recommend a good mapset?

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Rate the Doom games, in your personal opinions, from least difficult/annoying to most:

Doom < Doom II < TNT < Ultimate Doom E4 < Plutonia

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So I had a little idea for a Level, all through it you encounter dead or dying marines and civilians, as decorations and other such things, maybe even borrow the screaming marines from Hell on Earth, around a 4th into the level you get in an elevator shaft decorated with more dead and dying, just wall to wall all up the length, not a long ride down but enough to make the player get uncomfortable, ad the very end, under the floor, is a breserker pack, that the player will make contact with the moment the lift hits the bottom, to make it look like the marine is going breserk without a pack, the shaft opens into a room filled with some weak-ish enemies, to create the effect of the Marine just having had all he can stands and can stands no more, and hopefully the player will mirror this implied sentement

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Thanks man, I'll keep an eye out for it.

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So, fuckboys.

We murdin' tonight?

I can try and remember how to set up that best ever server.

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>Beautiful Doom got updated
I literally never would have thought. I played with the current version it sat at on DoomWorld with any map I played. That and Oblige is endless fun.

Now it's updated; awesome.

>RetroAhoy: Wolfenstein 3D
Also neat.

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>Kill monsters.
>Get perks.
>Get enough perks to qualify for a monster path.
>Imp path: melee + fire.
>More melee as an imp: Turn into a hell knight.
>More melee as a hell knight: Turn into a hell baron.
>More melee + rockets as a baron: Turn into a cyberdemon.
>More rockets as a hell knight: Lose gains, turn into a revenant.
>More magic as a revenant: Turn into an Arch-Vile.
>More bitches as an arch-vile: Turn into an Icon of Sin/monster spawner.
>etc, etc, etc.

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>Not posting the better one

No. That's why it's Chocolate Doom. It's meant to be a substitute for Vanilla.

I think the closest you can get is ZDoom with Doom (Strict) compatibility levels.

That being said, why would you need mouselook in chocolate doom anyway? All levels designed for vanilla take into account not being able to horizontally look.

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Alright faggots this is my last version

You want anything else GRIND IT YOURSELF

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