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thats what this shit is about, we need to teach that fucker graf a lesson, I dont give a shit if he's one of the programmers
> a permaban from zdoom and doomworld may suffice, it may not come down to lead and gunpowder

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Movie: Independence Day, Terminator 2, or Stargate (any of these were the shit back then).

Snack: Junior Mints, or a tin of different flavored popcorns (the cheese flavored popcorn will turn up missing first).

Game: Resident Evil (because I heard it was the shit, and I saw previews of someone shooting a rocket launcher at hell hounds down a hallway of some spooky mansion)

Ironically presenting these options doesn't give me the itch to play or watch any of these. They're just so old hat that ive moved past them and noted the quirks with all of them that now make them cringey (this is just flashing back to 1996 thats all).

I would like that snack, but I dont have the option right now.

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huh... figured out how to make it faster

gl_farclip determines how far off it draws things... now normally in a 3d game its not supposed to draw jack shit that you cant actually see but apparently quakespasm is still drawing things behind walls that you dont have a line of sight to

Although it presents some poorer presentation, setting it to 1024 (map units) really sped up the game to a playable level. Maybe 15fps but I can work with that.

> also turned off movement interpolation, I wanted it like that but it may also have sped up performance

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Ive never made maps for doom in the entire time ive been playing it, since 1994.

Ive always focused on some sort of mod for the things in it - whether it was just graphics or weapons stuff or other gameplay later on as scripting became feasible.

I have an idea for a retro style game that incorporates a combination of features between tile based production (similar to rise of the triad) and some vector based effects.

It would be far, far easier and more effective and would achieve most of the same benefits.

In other words I don't give a shit about (learning) doom's map design specifications because it sucks. Tell me when the source ports start enabling quake-style full 3d brush mapping.

> with backwards compatibility for normal doom mapping

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