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True. but the game's launches on discount for almost a month and they did have to work on a lot of things compared to RS2, I wouldn't say it's really unfair all things considered, especially given the remaster's overall quality.
It's not without problems, but still a completely different world from the other Squenix remasters, like pic related, and they did listen to the criticism regarding the RS2 remaster too.

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Guys it's nothing, really, there is no reason not to play this over the original pixel art, it's good really

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If this is how the devs intended for FF to look then I'm glad they were too limited to do it in the SNES era.

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Don't mind me, just posting gore.

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Jesus christ. These are the fans Square is catering to with this trash.

If you're gonna make a new combat system, why not just make a new fucking game? If you don't like the combat system, why do you even want to play the game? Unbelievable.

This is gonna be a "remake" in the same way Twin Snakes was a "remake". And it's the fault of the fans and Square who have been treating the possibility of a remake as some kind of wet dream sacred moment, so now Square feels like they can't just put in new models and fully rendered backgrounds and voice acting and call it a day.

IMO every remake should be like the Halo remake and Secret of Monkey Island remake where you can toggle the new graphics and voices off at any time.

First of all, XIII was a ridiculously expensive engine and basically went to waste. Second, using the XV engine doesn't mean it'll have the same combat, that's like saying everything on Unreal 3 has to be a cover shooter. And Bethesda doesn't own Gamebryo, it's a cheap as shit engine they license, and the reason they keep using it is because every game since Oblivion has just been a modified version of Oblivion. They're not gonna pay for a new engine when they can just put a new coat of paint on this ancient piece of shit and it'll sell millions anyway.

The godawful iOS version was their VI remake. I'm not even joking, Square considers that on the same level as the IV DS remake and the VII remake. It's complete bullshit. It's not that they cancelled the V and VI remake after IV DS/PSP, it's that they genuinely think those shitty, lazy iOS games are totally worthy successors and exactly what the fans want. And the sales of the games on iOS and Android are just confirming that belief.

I hope someday fans do a real remake of V and VI in the style of IV PSP but with a better looking artstyle.

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