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There were -three- "Kirby for Nintendo GameCube" (commonly abbreviated Kirby GCN) projects. The one shown at an E3 got the most coverage back in the day, and was basically a four-player sequel to Super Star, with the plan to have a game menu reminiscent of it, but was supposedly primarily about Dedede stealing Kirby's Warp Star. Then after Air Ride, Sakurai (and Shimomura?) left HAL and the game entered development hell. An Iwata Asks reveals that two more versions were worked on from scratch before Return to Dream Land was cobbled together. One was a briefy-developed full 3D platformer that looked more like Blowout Blast with abilities. The next was a stylized, cell-shaded 2D platformer that had and upgradeable ability bar and treasures, which was likely developed for Wii since it was widescreen, but canceled in 2010. The apparent reason for the three cancellations was that they just didn' click together. Anyway, it's been discovered that Returns to Dream Land isn't the only game using their assets - dataminers digging through filenames concluded that some of the music composed for these games stretches at least to the 3DS era. Overall, at least two if them got far in development.

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