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One could complain that a stationary MG from WW1 with a water jacket would be too heavy to carry.

But I don't care, it's cool. As long as you make it do appropriately high damage, these things fired full-sized rifle rounds like 8mm Mauser and .303 British, shit you can drop a moose with providing your aim is good.


Also it's a kind of gun that you can basically keep firing indefinitely as long as you keep providing them ammo and water (and replacement barrels), they just don't stop, it can be fired for weeks on end and it won't show any signs of wear.

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I love reloading.

It's the "high powered machinegun" of the game, so to say.
High rate of fire, high damage output.

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It's truly the finest pistol of it's era.

Now, it'd have the magazine-disconnect removed, to make the trigger better and for ease of reloading (and it was some French idea that JMB never intended for originally), but I'm wondering about magazine capacity.
Should it have 13, like the original ones, 15, like current extended ones that are available, or should it hold 17, with an extended floorplate, to be more useful as a weapon, and to make it feel more modern in the setting it's in?

Also, I'm considering adding a quickbutton that will let you throw a grenade, because grenades are really useful and cool.

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