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You can't tank, meaning any meat-shield skills are useless unless you train your entire party in them.

Tons of spells are broken and don't work.

No combat log makes it hard to use any in-depth tactics in fights, turning it into "fire the most shit the fastest to win".

Final dungeon is far too short.

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Anyone here play might and magic?

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How exactly does light magic in this game works?

I just recently pumped light magic to master level and got day of the gods and hour of power, I have 20 skill points in light magic (with NPCs)

so at first I thought I would get lets say heroism 5 + 4 dmg for every point in light magic. and would become damage monster whipping everything in the game into dust without taking a breath, but I got only 25 points total, the same is for bless and everything else

"Master: All spells cast at four times skill in Light Magic"

or do I need to maintain saintly reputation to unlock master level in light?

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