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Also if you have the regular Duke Nukem 3D (non-megaton edition) in your steam collection, the addons are included in addons folder in separate .grp files and everything, in the exact same format you would get them if you bought them back in the days.

AYO HOL UP, as I was writing this I realized that for some reason the non-megaton regular edition Duke Nukem 3D installs in the same folder as Duke Nukem 3D Megaton even though they're from different publishers. What the fuck? That's fucking confusing.

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Love it, one of my all time favorite games. By the way, I hate, HATE, the lunar apocalypse episode. Back when I had the pirated version that came with Duke it out in D.C. expansion I didn't even know the lunar apocalypse episode existed because the DC expansion originally was placed over the lunar one.
Best expansion by the way.

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I loved the Duke It Out In D.C. expansion pack when I was a kid. I liked it because the levels were set in real life locations, the contrast between aliens and real life was really comfy. I've always enjoyed games like this, the office complex part in Half-Life was also my favorite part of the game because of the real life environments.

Of course playing this as grown up I realize how cheap and frustrating these D.C. levels are. They're still alright, but they have lots of that "what the fuck were they thinking?!" -moments, like that huge ass Smithsonian level. I never could figure out what to do in that level when I was a kid. Took me good 2-3 hours to beat because it was so huge and non-linear. Even in co-op I didn't see my co-op mates for good 10-20 minutes when they went wandering down the hallways.

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