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>the game is easy as long as you don't fall into the pits
>yeah there's insta-kill pits everywhere and deliberately placed enemies in specific locations to knock you into them

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>no light gun
>i DID technically get to maddog himself through sheer force of will

not sure if autism or masochism

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>parents think they're protecting their kid
>just make him more of an autist

many such cases

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Well 99% of players experience both VC and SA on PC yet no one these days ever talks about the control issues with mouse and keyboard that feel like a massive downgrade. I remember how weird it was back when the PC port of SA was released, it was discussed on forums and magazines. Is really no one else today bothered?

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>open the menu
>check Sepiroth's materia setup
>begin to understand how grossly outclassed I am

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So, a mushroom-based cloning system for unlimited minions?

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>it serves being in an area where the trick is applied and if it goes out or enters another place it will not load as it would have to do the same in each room but being there it will not be arrested in the gerudo fortress
Google translate word salad:convoluted edition

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