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You bring up some good points here, I'll apply some of these changes and see how well I can do that. Perhaps it's better I just go with a solid black background, mighta been overthinking that, and Kustam's helmet definitely looks better with those changes you've applied in that gif.
I still got a lot to learn, I dunno who you are, but thank you.

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Gonna reply real quick before this gets inevitably deleted, talk to me a little more calmly and tell me what you'd want in a super powers themed mod.

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well it's that time again for me to be overthinking shit, but I feel like asking for the input from you guys would help me figure out where the fuck I need to take this weapon.

Okay so right now the Daibatana works like this: You damage monsters with weapons and the meter fills up, though it slowly decays over time too, when it fills up you're given 100 units of ammo to use for the big attacks. Right now the primary fire uses 25 ammo and the secondary uses 5. I've been thinking about changing the altfire to something stronger so both primary and secondary use the same amount of ammo, maybe some kinda shitstorm attack where you spew out a shitload of baseballs like the beta BFG.

My other question would be: Should I make the meter kinda hard to charge up but give the player 4 shots when it's maxed, or make it easy to charge up but you only get one shot before having to refill it? If I go with the easier to charge route I could let players stack a few charges too.

I'm probably making this more complicated than necessary but I just want this thing to be fun to use, god damn it

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I could probably make it move forward, that's not a bad idea.

I don't think I could pull off a helix effect though, I've never been good with visuals

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Noted for future reference, I have a plan for blurspheres anyway: Swap those useless fuckers out for some other random weapons that get placed in various slots.

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I do kinda like the idea of making it scowl when it's shooting slimelings.

Lemme look around

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You mean like rockets, cells, shells, and bullets?

That might work, but only on a chance based sorta thing, like either mana gems or charges.

This is surprisingly one of the toughest decisions I've had to make because I need to find a delicate balance between plentiful enough that players use them but no so rare that you never use them ever

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>new player classes

...go on

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Translation magic eh? Like a clump of energy turning into a black bomb? Yeah I could probably do something like that.

Though the problem is it looks like the Ophidian has an Xdeath ONLY. Damn

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>I would accept it as part of alternate attack where you need to load a special extra-powerful shell into the shotty.

>Jam a KING-SIZE/EXTRA STRENGTH/DOUBLE DOSE shell into the shotgun, it's actually physically larger than the normal shells
>when fired, you shoot a shitload of firemace spheres in a scattergun blast

now there's an idea.

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Either way I feel like a shitter. Sorry anon.

Do you at least use the crash hammers? Those are pretty great.


Yes. Blaz will use GnG weapons, Kuros will use utility odds and ends based off NES games, and Samson will have various flasks and spells that do wild shit.

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That's not a bad idea, but I'll save something like that for Kuros, because I think he could do with an ability like that more than Blaz.

Plus I like the idea of a crude looking strawman throwing insults or whatever at monsters

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So I've been doing some thinking about the Mystic wine and arcane chicken, it feels kinda boring that they just give HP and a big chunk of mana.

So how about you get a temporary buff that causes you to regen arcane/mystic mana at a crazy fast rate for a short time?

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There's nothing really WRONG with linear games. If you can create a good, fun, linear game, then cool. And it's not like linear games are anything NEW.

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Well nothing's set in stone, at the very least I could just get some usefails, hurtsounds, and death rattles

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Seeing as Blaz's sword is eventually gonna be a brighter, shinier color I've been trying to think of how the powered form can be more distinct looking.

How about it turns into a fucking axe? Still more or less the same cleaving action, but if you hold the fire button and wind it up a bit, you can throw the fucking thing like a boomerang, which would work like the boomerang sub weapon, just with a bigger radius and bouncy

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I'm really unsure what to do with the sword honestly, ever since I added subweapons, I find myself very rarely using it.

I'm not sure if I want any sorta combo thing to go with Blaz, Blaz is more of an instant gratification character, as in he's good from the start and can fuck shit up at any given time, even after a "pistol start"

I could always nerf a few subweapons and item crashes.

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You might have a point here.

I really should give the powered cannon a different utility though, those caltrops are great but holy shit they're wildly unbalanced.

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