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/vr/ ending music gets me in the feels. It makes me reflect on my life, think of my loved ones, my loved ones who have passed on, and the childhood I've left behind. There's something about it that always makes me feel the most painful form of nostalgia that goes beyond videogames for me.

Post /vr/ music that really makes you feel.


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>I got fucking warned for this post
I'm leaving this faggot ass board and I'm not coming back

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Post your age, and the game that you find so nostalgic it hurts your soul to play. Bonus points for explaining why.

Age: 27
Game: Banjo Kazooie
Why: I love how enclosed everything is, and yet so freeing at the same time. The game is isolating, and when I play it, I feel as though I'm wandering a huge library by myself. There are significantly fewer NPC and no inter-level connecting ala Tootie, which is one of the reasons I prefer Kazooie over it.
In other words, soul.

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I have the circuitry of Little Samson cartridge, but the guts of it are inside a Pinball cartridge - shame that it's probably worthless, but at the same time I really love this game, so I won't ever have a real reason to part with it.

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What are some good 2-player co-op games?

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What're some good 2-player vidya games?

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Not only was it a great game. But it was a blessing.

Getting this in America instead of Super Mario Bros 2 Japan/Lost Levels was a better and less of a lazy route. People are quick to say it's just a reskin, but fucking Lost Levels is just a DLC level pack!

And for the time when we didn't know what a fucking Doki Doki Panic was (32 year old anon here) it was a fresh change. 4 playable iconic characters, all unique in some way, tons of new enemies in this open world that you can go back and forth, tons of secrets, new enemies that would be used to flesh out the Mario lore for decades to come, music that would stay with Mario forever.

Super Mario Bros 2 has it's soul in everything Mario today, even Super Mario Maker which avoided it to keep the engine similar (Instead of the pick up enemy mechanic of SMB2) still has Bob-ombs and the Sub-Con doors,

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