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Hey /doom/, if you absolutely had to have reloading for weapons (let's say you're at gunpoint or under a curse), how would you have it?

>Goldeneye style
The weapon just briefly drops out of view and comes back up with some generic *CLICK CLACK* noises, all weapons reload like this, regardless of what kind they are or how they work

>Duke Nukem style
Magazine is rapidly swapped, there's no manual command for this, nor is there a separate pool for your magazine, every X amount of rounds it briefly interrupts your fire to show this animation, if you're still holding down the fire button, it'll resume firing.

>Realistic style 1
It clearly shows all the steps that happens, as if done by someone who's been instructed on how to do it and has done it a few times, but isn't a pro, this isn't particularly fast but it doesn't take forever

>Realistic style 2
The player character is a skilled and experienced pro, he rapidly swaps magazines and most reloads are done in one full second possible less, he reloads and handles weapons in the most efficient way, the shotgun is reloaded two shells at a time and he pumps it without taking it off his shoulder, he will also use the bolt/slide release to speed things up, or not rack the charging-handle/slide when there's still a round in the chamber.

>The Darkness style
The reload is done in excruciating detail, the player character meticulously shows each step of the reload and it takes him a full minute to put eight shells in his shotgun and pump it, despite being in a situation of danger.

Secondly, would you rather have reloads counted with each individual round and they're just subtracted from that pool when put in your magazine, or would you want reloads to be counted with individual magazines (as in, if you reload with ammunition left in the mag, those remaining rounds are lost)

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There is literally nothing wrong with reloading.

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I think it's nice to have because it makes a weapon feel more real and thought out, it makes gameplay more immersive, and I like working it into my strategy, I pop out from behind a pillar or a corner and get fighting, then dive for new cover to reload.

Thing is though, I want reloading to be fast and efficient, and it's nice if you can interrupt it.

>it's my fallback excuse to make guns more powerful
This too, if you have a 7.62mm battle rifle, there would be little reason to have a 7.62mm GPMG if they do the same damage and have a similar rate of fire, capacity and reload speed is one good way to make them distinct from one another.

>It doesn't make sense to throw away the mag entirely though
It does make sense in an emergency, a tactical reload.

However, it would be nice if you could pick up dropped magazines from the ground when you have a "drop magazine" style reload.

I think it'd be tricky to keep track of though, code wise, at least if you count reloads by individual magazines instead of loose ammunition.
You could use round by round reloading, but then that'd kind of defeat the point of dropping a half loaded mag, you could just automatically assume in your head that your player character picks up the mag or drops it in a drop pouch for later, kind of like how you'd assume that the player character refills mags and stuff between levels.

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