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Came from a yard sale for $10 but got a VCS that Christmas

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>RCA Studio II which with no controllers and monochrome picture is without doubt the shittiest console, not just 2nd gen but perhaps of all time. However, stoic play of this shitbox will have the effect of both hardening your resolve and making even mediocre shovelware games on other platforms feel amazing.

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Even when we got a VCS it was only my dad who played it with me but maybe because it got hooked to the only color TV which was in my parents' bedroom and Pac-Man gave my mom an anxiety attack so she didn't play video games again for like 30+ years until my son got her to play Infinity with her this year.

I played it a few times, long enough to know it was horrible and I should just go to Pathfinder. I've been told 5e is good but I haven't played it yet.

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Being YOUNG enough to have watched Doug is something a lot of /vr/ posters might choose to keep to themselves.

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I'll just stop posting entirely since there's someone with such a problem.

Sorry, Everybody.

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We have a CRT thread...

Anyway, all those consoles other than Saturn are progressive scan capable. Get a large VGA CRT off Craigslist if you want that tubey goodness, and get VGA cables for the consoles. Play your Gamecube games on a Wii because progressive scan cables for actual Gamecubes are pricey as shit (the chip is in the cable). Some people may tell you that the 480p signal from the Wii is inferior but I think that's bullshit.

Honestly, you don't need to feel really bad about playing DC GCN and PS2 on decent HDTVs as long as you use 4:3 mode unless you're playing a game that actually has a 16:9 mode. They will probably look better on CRT just because that's what they were designed for, though.

For the Saturn you'd ideally want a 15khz RGB monitor like a PVM etc but if that's your oldest system, it's probably not worth the investment - just get a good brand name consumer TV in the size you want that has SVideo input for you to use for now and "component" inputs for when and if you get a transcoder.

Why do I write these long helpful posts for threads that will almost certainly be deleted?

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That picture of the handicapped kid playing it is popular but I prefer this one.

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This is my favorite vintage Studio II photo.

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