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Somehow Super Metroid is still the best looking metroid game out there. At this point I'm pretty sure that if Nintendo tried remaking Super it still wouldn't look as good.

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Post some moments in retro games where story and gameplay actually intertwine and work together to create a superior experience, instead of just sort of lamely coexisting like in most games.

Pic most assuredly related.

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>muh cinematic qte experience
>muh shoot diagonally to win
i prefer good gameplay thx

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Final bosses in Nintendo games are all style no substance.

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https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ghKiup9yJmM here you see some cool bosses its a mario hack but its nice to watch because u see bosses from many different retro games

Also my favorited bosses are in pic related game. i also liked the bosses from a link to the past

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They're both great games, but I thought that SOTN went a bit overboard with the RPG elements as the game went on, leading to way too many ways to abuse gameplay mechanics between all the equipment, relics and spells.

The map is a bit better though, they also did a pretty good job with the inverted castle having enough original content to feel like substantial content.

Super Metroid is just a better designed game, the kinds of upgrades you get always make you substantially more powerful without compromising the basic gameplay.

I also think it has much slightly replay value because of all the advanced movement techniques you can pick up as you play and use right from the beginning, also allowing for all kinds of crazy challenges like Reverse Boss Order.

Also I really liked Super Metroid's minimalistic approach to storytelling, not that I don't love SOTN's voice acting but I felt that SM fed the player just the right amount of information to not make the whole thing feel absurd in the way that SOTN sometimes did.

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Forgot picture

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Am I kawaii?

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