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Your monitors look so good. I wish mine had a sleek look like yours, instead I got a square with some buttons splashed over it. I really do think this separate rectangular menu on its bottom adds an awfull lot to its appearance. It gets far less bland. I espeacially like the sony model.

It can't get uglier than this thing here. The specs seem very nice though. Do you know its Pixel Pitch? It's funny it has this feature called LightFrame 3, which is quite the same thing as the MagicBright advertised by Samsung. I thought it would be some kind of gimmick to fool the consumer but in fact it does make a notable difference.

This is mine

It is a low-mid range late model consumer grade CRT which I bought because it was dirty cheap and the best one I could find amidst a plethora of mediocre models. I'm not impressed with it, but it does have the edge over my LCD on some thigs. Regardless, reading on it strains my eyes a lot, so it is relegated to emulation and low res games.

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