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If you're being outsmarted by literally BRAIN DEAD zombies then you deserve to be laughed at.

>It's so easy I'm getting filtered
You'd breeze past them without even thinking about it and realize the bulk of content doesn't even have monsters.

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>playing through on normal,
>Thief 1 has nothing on the Styx games
Dude this entire post

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Good lord. I just looked this up. That story reminds me of a guy who would always derail gamedev threads on another imageboard calling other peoples games shit, yet his game always sounded suspiciously close to Rust which he always proclaimed was the shittiest game imaginable and would reeeee- at the top of his lungs whenever you said that. Turns out he was a redditor who was most active on the Rust subreddit and played Rust religiously.

The biggest faggots are always turn out to be redditors.

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>The Keepers have found out that the Mechanists were building a nuclear bomb that was planned to be used in a Pagan territory. This nuclear bomb would eliminate most of the Pagan population. And the Mechanists would show no mercy for them, even if children, old people and defenseless people were to die as well. This discimination would certanly bring an unbalanced future to the world, as the Mechanists would certainly destroy forests to build their industries and whatnot.
>The Keepers knew that they had to do something to stop this bomb being launched into the Pagan territory, because Pagans are essential for nature´s perseverance. So, once again the Keepers approached Garrett and asked him to sabotage the nuclear bomb. It was hard to convince Garrett to accept this task, as it would prove to be very dangerous. But eventually Garrett agreed and managed to sabotage the bomb which was located in a hidden area somewhere in a desert.
>The Mechanists tried to launch the nuclear bomb and, as a consequence of the sabotage, the bomb blew up before taking off. The entire Mechanist base was destroyed along with the Mechanists working there.
> [...] Garrett was caught in one of the thousands of Mechanist traps after a long period of hide and seek. Once captured, he would be executed by being thrown into the Mechanist facility on planet Mercury as prey to be hunted and killed. This hunt would include not only mech bots but human mechs as well. Some of the Keepers felt a duty to help Garrett in this critical situation as they were responsible for putting Garrett in this mess in the first place. And so, some valiant, strong and determined Keepers asked the Mechanists to help Garrett survive, confessing at the same time that they were the ones responsible for sabotaging the nuclear bomb.
Fuck me Portuguese missions are something else

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