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>play game as kid
>spend hours searching every level for secrets
>play game as adult
>rush through each level as fast as possible

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>pay $15 for WoW subscription
>spend 20 hours trying to come up with a name that I can tolerate that isn't taken
>unable to
>cancel sub

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>almost all enemies are immune to almost all status effects
>all status effects hit your party 100% of the time

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>there will never be new CRTs
>the phosphorous in all existing CRTs has already broken down and even the most expensive PVMs now produce hideous degraded images

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>tfw no /vr/mud

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>EQ launched 40 years ago

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all I want is a multi-system FPGA-based console clone with analog video output and sd card support

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how easy it is to get a gf

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