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I still remember he first time I played Warped.
>Beat that little ship N.Gin starts in.
>He flies off.
>Comes back with a giant mech and kicks my ass.

Pretty sure N.Gin's male. Though between the appearance and the way the voice is it can be a bit confusing

Posting some Crash related links for those that haven't seen them.

Making of Crash Bandicoot 2
Making of Crash Bandicoot Warped
Making of CTR
Something from the Japanese version of Crash Bandicoot 2
Andy Gavin discusses working on the first three games
Foreign Crash Bandicoot McDonald's commercial

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Give the second one a try. A lot of people tend to say that the third, while good in its own right, does try to do a bit too much at once. Kind of like the third Spyro game in that regard.

One of the reasons people tend to like the games (especially the second and third) is that the gameplay is pretty solid and there's a fair bit of charm to it, along with making dying, which tends to be pretty easy unless you have an Aku-Aku mask handy, humorous to the point of not minding it as much. Also features some fairly decent (for the time, compared to some other games) voice acting in both the second and third games.

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