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Here's how it shall go down!
>Mel gets black gloves, pale arms
>Vexler gets black gloves, tan arms
>3rd gets black gloves with orange accents, black sleeves
>4th will probably get black fingerless gloves with black dude arms.

I always tease Term about my crossover ideas but he never wants to do it. Probably because he knows Mel's Nikana would destroy Hae-Lin's Kharon any day of the week.

Fight me

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I dunno.

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The Space Pirate.

Right now we have one character in, I want to end up with four (five for TSP Neo), each with their own abilities/exclusive weapons. TSP is going to be a hugely cooperative experience, meant to be played on the hardest difficulty with allies.

Monster hierarchy, kind of like Doom RPG (the mobile one), a huge variety of weapons that you can swap out on the go. Like if you really just like classic shotguns, you can swap out Zeke for a shotgun called the "Classico" that fires just buckshot shells, or maybe that triple barrel shotgun. Possibly carry up to six weapons at once, one per each slot, akin to DoomRLA and ww-magop. Not to mention a single player level set and deathmatch/CTF level set. All in due time, hopefully!

Those are long-term goals though, my short-term goals are to finish the next character, plasma rifle replacement, and do player sprites for both Mel and the new character. OH BOY!

Oh yeah, and to finish it of course!

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