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>Can't you also use the parts in there to refurbish an oem joystick?
I don't think you can. I did try this at one point, and there are small differences.

>You can go check sanni's own review of these if you want to know what's wrong with them in detail.
I would be interested in a link. I did find this resource:
The oem style replacement sticks are very similar to the OEM analog. They may seem cheap, but I have 2 controllers right now at the house, and I can't tell which is which. One is an OEM, and the other is the Replacement. The model I referenced earlier is the closest that I have found to a 1:1 replacement without waiting for days/weeks/months. The next best option would be to purchase a rebuild kit from the usual places when they are in stock. If I am remembering right, I replaced one of my 2 personal controllers and did disassemble both and kept the spring from the OEM joystick. I would have to look in the bone pile to see what I saved. I do save everything that I yank out just in case I decided to rebuild later. I avoid the GC style sticks totally.

I do find it somewhat odd that 20+ years later there is still not a mass produced and readily available identical replacement for these sticks, seeing how they are the only real failure point of the whole system.

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>I chuckled, but the sad reality is that you probably would have to add the Rare games. And that's why it won't happen.
Judging from how "tricky" n64 emulation is, I doubt you would be able to add too many games too it. Many games still won't "emulate" on the wii, and I think that is a fair benchmark to compare what a mini n64 would be capable of. I wouldn't at all be surprised if they had some sort of connect service for online co-op and possibly a store type of thing.

>Shit yeah, some fresh wiimote-compatible tridents out of the factory.
FUCK YES! That is pretty much all I want to see.

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>N64 is hideous

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>This is literally the only reason why the N64 is remembered 'fondly' by some nostalgia-blinded faggots, because it has two or three overrated games.
I am a big fan of the N64, but I am also realistic that it is because of the exact reason you posted. The great games that were on the system however were outstanding. Around 1/10th of the total library is worth talking about, but how does that compare to systems like the PSX & Saturn? I am not asking that in a dickhead manner, but only because I don't know. I am realistic that my taste in vidya is not mainstream. One of the main games that I own the N64 for is NBA Hangtime and Ogre battle. I own Both zelda games, but have never played them. Quarterback Club games that supported "High resolution" looked amazing for their time as well.

Cartridges coupled with nintendo doing dumb nintendo things really scared off 3rd parties, however, even though not a top seller it was still a great system.

Nintendo is a video game system, but in itself a nintendo is its own thing. Where sony lived on 3rd party software, Nintendo's 1st party games really carried the 64.

Nintendo always did things different. Certain genres of games did much better on N64 while others were much better on other systems. Does this stop me from liking my PSX as much as the N64? Not at all. PSX was a great system as well. Sure it had "more" games, but most of the games were nothing like what was on the 64.

>I like The Beatles, Elvis and Ween.

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>Is it worth getting the Everdrive 64
Everdrive 2.5 or 3.0 is one of the best ways to spend a few dollars and have access to all of your games without changing a cartridge.

>Wow. Where did you get your ROMs
Early in the millennium.

The best way to get them now is probably via torrents. Sure, that comes with its own headaches, but is well worth it.

>The main thing lost is a lot of revenue for resellers.
Fuck them people. They can die with their collections of plastic and PCBs for all I care. They acted like their shit didn't stink for nearly 20 years while they drove the prices up and circle jerked each other about their boxed copy of Majora's Mask. Their sun has set, and they are largely irrelevant outside of their circles. I have suggested Everdrive to a few people, and by word of mouth have indirectly lead to 9 people owning them that never even knew about it before me. I helped take 9 people out of the reseller's market.


Everdrive 2.5 is what most people would need. 3.0 if you must have the few games that ONLY work with that unit.

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>Please no scalping
All I wanted was a N64 controller that was native to my Wii. Since someone called me a "Nintendo fan", I decided that I should wear that title proudly. I only have 2 nintendo systems, so what would it hurt to buy a dozen more? I have more OG PSX systems then the total of nintendo ones I have, and I don't like being the fan that doesn't have enough to be a super fan.

If you see someone posting a pyramid of NIB n64 minis in December, you will know it is me.

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>They 3d print them now along with the gears. You can buy them for pennies
Holy shit, this is amazing. This is certainly new to me, and was not a product in the years past when I searched for it. Hell, this site was still working out the metal stick last I checked.

Amazing. Thanks!

>I grabbed two good ones off GameStop.com
They started selling n64s again?

If it isn't apparent, I stay out of the loop lol. You guys are my main contact with everything other then work and home. Thanks for being my eyes when I don't bother using them!

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>The best console ever made.
I think the contention around /vr/ involving the 3x 5th gen systems is that they were all really good.
The ONLY thing I knew about Saturn was that my buddy had one, and it was for Arcade fighters. Xmen etc.

So left is the PSX, which had a HUGE library, and many great games. N64 had a much smaller library, but higher quality overall. I don't think I could choose between them EXCEPT that I was old enough to drive when both were released in the USA. I got the n64. It still works to this day, and a few years back I gave it to my sister.

PSX on the other hand died pretty regular on my friends. Cds got ruined. Systems shit out. But audio was amazing on the PSX. PSX was not as much a light-hearted "party system" & I got the vibe it was a serious gamer type of thing.

N64 shined in that it had fewer titles, but they were exceptional. Less shovelware. Of course it had Zelda and everyone sucks its dick. I never enjoyed it. Everything that was on both systems was generally better on the N64 except for the audio. Each system had too many sports titles, but QB Club for n64 ran in "higher resolution" 640x480 and looked better then anything on the PSX. One of my personal favorites is NBA Hangtime. (My opinion can now be invalidated). Arcade style, but better then any other version INCLUDING the pc.

The n64 controller may have been a joke, but it worked for it....PSX had 3 different variations of the same damn thing...now with an added feature that few games used (analog sticks). N64's analog still is one of the best ever made. Its a shame that no one has made a solid metal one with metal gears. It was the big fail of the system, and was the first and last thing to be ruined. Too many moving parts made out of plastic always fail under use. Making them totally from steel or other alloys would have been very cost prohibitive. Its my only complaint about the system & I have repaired many.

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