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YES! This has finally convinced me to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on all of the original arcade cabs for the MAME roms I have, and I will simply delete all of those roms because of this.
Why wouldn't I spend $700,000+ on arcade cabs, plus another $300,000 on a special warehouse to put them? Sane decision.

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Also, this. It's standard protocol by now FFS.

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So wait...
The artist of this game series said something un-PC, and that somehow makes the games suck now?

Yeah fuck that. EWJ is perfect for what it is. A great rainy weekend with your brother or friends and your SNES/Genesis. Like Zombies or Castlevania.

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>which would probably get his adrenaline going as this is happening.
Holy shit, a mod that gives enemies dynamic adrenaline rushes that make them more aggressive and shit sounds like it'd be cool as fuck.
>Start shooting a baron
>As it takes more damage it gets more adrenaline
>Gets faster, hits harder, maybe even gets a pounce or charge attack if they wanted to get real crazy with it

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