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How do batteries in Hideous Destructor charge?

Do I set them on Auto from the Mag Manager and they recharge very slowly on their own, do they recharge in between msisions, or do I have to do something special?

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>A dream where Doomguy and Ragna the Bloodedge are going through Raccoon City fighting against hordes of actual raccoons.

i don't even play blazblue

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Metaplot Synopsis:

This game is essentially about Dracula trying to get Alucard on his side again. Dracula dies at the beginning, but the long game being played here is luring Alucard back into the fold. Death tries to beat him down and make him humble by taking his items. The Succubus tries to trick him (woefully for her). The Priest is making Dracula stronger than ever so when he returns he will be able to conquer the world (if 10,000 hit points is any indication).

Everything leads to Alucard being reunited with Dracula so that his father can give him a deal he cant refuse just before fully returning into the world of the living. And if Dracula beats him he'll just bring him back from the dead under his control.

The game over screen is basically Alucard brought back from the dead by Dracula, having been forced to join his father for eternity. Thats whats implied by him going out for pleasure at night and having left his crucifix behind.

Yeah you fight Dracula at the end. Im not too pleased with the presentation of that battle personally, but it was an okay ending (kinda suggests dracula is going to be gone for a long time following that defeat).

Is it me or does Dracula in all of the castlevania games really seem to be more like a Demon than a Vampire? I mean we see vampire bats sometimes but dracula never tries to bite the belmonts. He uses sorcery upon sorcery and then literally turns into a demon form when he's half depleted. We almost never see any vampire maidens either, in fact we have a succubus (yet another demon) and there are demon sub-bosses as well.

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>Swords swings diagonally up-left to down-right
>slice effect and cut on revenant is diagonally down-left to up-right

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Where did the hair go?

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I still support the Blood War theory, or TNO being some kind of murderous interplanar Warlord or Emperor if not directly on the side of the demons or devils. IIRC the first incarnation says "my crimes" (not "my crime") indicating it was a lifetime of being a dick and not any single thing, like a more metaphysical crime would be. As he grew old he came to regret what he'd done, and he had all the power in the world to set things right, he just didn't have TIME any more.

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