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well character generation in Traveller involved doing 4 year terms in some kind of career. You rolled your stats and then chose a career. Depending on what you chose, some would be much better suited to you, others would be highly dangerous.

For example, if you joined the navy as a low endurance character, firstly you're likely to not be accepted at all, and then you're going to serve 4 years of military... which involves combat and danger, so essentially you would roll an endurance check to see if you survive. if you failed, your character was dead. In later versions they nerfed it a bit so that you just get wounded instead.

Just means you have to be careful about which career you go for, and try to pick one that your stats would suit.

Really cool system, I've run a campaign with a more recent version (the mongoose version) and its a lot of fun. personal combat on the ground, starship combat in space, radiation, aliens, roleplayan.

It quite a versatile system too, designed to handle all tech levels from cavemen to future. You can do western duels with it and it still works (1 shot from a revolver with no armor and you're unconscious) I've run napoleonic, viking, and 90s Bosnia scenarios with it too.

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