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I miss All Out War 2

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I like Mick's stuff, but what you said reminded me how some dude in the comments for one of the rips of Eternal's music said something like "Sorry, this ain't music, it's noise," and literally EVERY reply was something like "HUAH HUAH HUAH YOU STOOPID LOL." And while I disagree with what he said, I can see why something like Nu-Doom's OSTs may not be appealing to someone or why they'd see it as "noise." But almost all of the Nu-Doom babbies made a sort of mini-meme out of some rando that just had a different opinion on a game's OST. He didn't even act like a dick about it or whatever he just said he didn't like the music and got egged on by shitlords.

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I'm starting to think it is the Brutal Doom of the Quake community: mostly attracts faggots and zoomers with no actual love for the original game.

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>chromatic aberration

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Let's quit it with the first-grader humor titles, shall we

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I have a game idea that despite trying I've been completely unable to get out of my head for half a year, and I'm torn between trying and failing just to show myself I can't do it or continuing not to do anything about it so I don't waste the effort. Though at least my game idea could be done in GZDoom so the very limited mapping knowledge I have (I never actually released or finished any maps, but I have fiddled with it at least) would transfer over, but everything else seems like it'd be daunting.

For the sake of maybe getting it out of my system by talking about it at the end of a thread where few people will read, I've had this idea rattling around of making a Build-style game themed around zombie, exorcist, and Christploitation films. You'd play as a pastor from a megachurch who one day finds that hell is rising up and masses of people have been possessed by demons, on top of regular demons as tougher enemies.
The arsenal would be about as small as DOOM1's, with a mix of traditional guns and themed holy weapons, with the main "good idea" being a crucifix that acts as the BFG counterpart; it has no visible ammo meter, with instead a hidden "faith" meter which rises when you kill demonic enemies or exorcise possessed humans enemies, and which goes down when you kill said humans. The crucifix isn't guaranteed to work unless your faith stat is super high, and every time you use it (including when it fails) your faith counter goes down, with a lower chance of working the lower it gets and maybe God striking you with lightning if you use it at 0 faith. I think the random chance would make it a lot less spammable and force the player to only pull it out when shit gets real, though I'm considering having it glow when you're guaranteed a hit.
I have no clue how I'd go about making all the assets and music and don't want to ask for help as an idea guy with no actual development underway so I'm more or less too paralyzed to start.

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remember when it was arin and jon and game grumps was good

remember when arin was actually funny

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it's all so tiresome

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>5 levels in total for the entire roadmap

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The PSX version of DOOM makes me sad. I'm playing the TC with kb+m so obviously I have better control of my movement than intended, but some of the changes are just really sad.
Fortress of Mystery gives you a full capacity of cell ammo so the few enemies in the map are easily mowed down instead of you having to navigate a heavy crowd
Hell Beneath gives you more than 100 ammo and only one hell knight, no barons
Perfect Hatred's cyberdemon is ONE hell knight, not even a baron

The atmosphere is pretty nice, and I understand some of the changes were done because of hardware limitations (can only have so many enemy types in a single level), but it still makes me feel sad.

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>you will be hating your self for giving up at the hardest part.
don't worry, the hate eventually dissipates into a more generalized sort of despair and self-loathing

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