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You mean the Quack?

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I don't have a problem too much with the level design, actually. Some aspects aren't always perfect, but they did a very good job with the new technology they had, and it's easy to see the influence it had when they attempted to re-work the more maze-y designs of the past, to create something more organic. The official levels of the game, by the way, are so much better than 99% of user level, which are all just so boring, and barely even begin to take advantage of what the engine is capable of. It definitely makes you appreciate the effort they went through to make everything as grand and interesting as possible. I guess my point is that Duke doesn't hold up as much when it's taken to the barebones. Of course, you can say this for almost every game, but I've played plenty of unfinished works online, and still enjoyed them somewhat. Perhaps I'm just burnt out on this game, but I really feel that the weapons, enemies, and assets in this game aren't that interesting. As for Quake, that entire game is very barebones itself, looking past the new technology. Not every map is particularly interesting (the entire episode 4 is awful, in my opinion), but the weapons and enemies make up for it. Now's your chance to reassure yourself that I'm a Doom fanboy who only cares about the shotgun, since that, apparently, was my ultimate point.

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