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Speaking of falling...the snes boxart is even weirder
I like the genesis one more, higher profile characters in the shot. The snes is just lame in comparison

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Man, I really wish a cool guy with 1337 haxoring skillz would convert pic related (and maybe also Champion Edition on Sega) to Super Street Fighter II Turbo, and not just the roster and movelists, but also the intro and aesthetics of the arcade game. Not begging or demanding, it's just a pie-in-the-sky dream of mine.

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>Your spamming of the hundred hand slap makes sagat sad :'(

>"fucking noob, git gud learn some more moves bitch ass nigga spamming the same fucking move over and over shiiiiet"

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favorite version of my favorite fighting game ever. been playing for 20+ years now and still love it.

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