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Is there any way other than typing map (mapname) into the console to pistol start maps? I heard some maps were designed around that and wanted to try it out but it seems tedious.

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The midis also loop improperly.
anyone know why?

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Jesus, I just think Reelism isn't fun at all, I didn't mean to start a huge argument.

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>the eternity doom engine has "PORTALS," which can be used for sick ass skybox illusions and non-euclidean geometry

>zdoom doesn't

What the fuck? How have I never heard of this? What are some kickass maps using non euclidean geometry?

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no thanks

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>want to add a teleporter to Hideous Destructor's range map so I can test it out

>re-pack hd.pk7 as a pk3
>open in slade
>go to the map
>make some linedefs, set them as 70 - Teleport
>make a Teleport Destination thing
>put it in a sector
>make those linedefs have their destination tag or whatever match the sector tag and the destination thing tag
>teleporter doesn't work
>try out GZDB
>do the same thing
>can't even get the test to work because of errors
>save the map and run it myself
>none of the GZDB changes are there

what am I doing wrong here

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Who's played hideous destructor?

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does anyone know where someone can get v1 of doom.wad?
I want my swastikas, damn it

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