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>In order to beat this boss you needed to get a super-rare materia to get rid of the time
>In order to get that materia, you needed to go to a specific spot in the game, wait for a specific, randomly spawning monster to appear and know that you had to you a specific ability to turn it into said item

How the fuck where people supposed to be able to figure this shit out back then without the use of a strategy guide? Because that kind of information sure as hell didn't exist back in 1997 internet

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"For all you ff7 fans.
I just killed the emerald weapon.
With no under water materia.
No knights of the round
In 11 mins.

Feel free to shower me with rightly deserved praise"

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This guy. Knowing he would wipe my party and having him potentially spawn right next to me anytime I submerged didn't help things.

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ITT hardest FF boss

Emerald Weapon. You have a 20 minute time limit to kill him and he has over 1 million HP

However. If you manage to kill him on the last second...the game crashes and resets BUT your stats increase anyway

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