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I like it

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here try this, comes fully configured and ready to play on instal
I loved diving into the massive dungeons though, spending hours exploring some place and taking notes on shit was so much fun compared to 2 minute long linear halls
the Cities are another great thing, you don't feel like the Mary Sue PC charecter who walks in to find 5 houses and shops which only exist to serve you
it feels like a real city with its own shit going on, and you have to gain your reputation there to even get recognized
plus the fact that other cunts could STEAL YOUR QUESTS was annoying but at least it wasn't like you're the only person in the world doing this shit.
the banks too were a cool idea, idk why they dropped them, as were the different shop qualities and tones of voice, not to mention formal/informal wear (morrowind kept this but it was removed latter for no reason)
really I felt like I could go adventuring for litteral hours, load up my horse and carriage, then go back to my home city to relax in my favorite pub

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