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no it doesn't, it plays like a cheap imitation. you'd know this if you had even a modicum of knowledge about blood's gameplay. this is a pretty good post summarising why this thing is a piece of shit:


anyway I get the feeling you're the same butthurt faggot that keeps bringing up this abomination due to some false pretense of neckbeard pride, arising from the fact that you've repeatedly been blown the fuck out about it. it's now become some pathetic matter of 'neckbeard valour' to you or some shit. furthermore if you think high resolution and gimmicky graphical upgrades are reason enough to switch to a cheap imitation which completely bones the original's far superior gameplay then this board isn't for you.

to reiterate, Blood's source code was never released and bloodtc is NOT a source port. It is an amateur fan made recreation and it sucks dick. anybody who actually knows blood knows that it sucks dick and OP is a fucking faggot.

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I'm only gonna post this once because I'm sick of arguing with clueless idiots that clearly know nothing about Blood. It's just not worth it because if you can't see something so obviously off there's no help for you. There's literally no point in arguing with an idiot.

BloodCM is NOT Blood. It's BloodCM. It's NOT a source port. It's a piece of shit, "made in Taiwan" cheap imitation from some Russian Bootlegger. The gameplay mechanics are completely off (read: inferior) from enemy behaviour, to damage modeling, gunplay, movement, physics and dynamite mechanics and there are a plethora of other obvious as fuck inaccuracies that any true fan of Blood would immediately notice. Hell it even looks and sounds shittier with its poorer animations which lack certain frames and that weird sound Cultists make when they're on fire.

If you like that pile of shit that's fine I guess, but don't think you're playing Blood. You're playing a piece of shit imitation i.e. some retard's interpretation of the game rather than what the actual game is. As it currently stands, Blood has no source port as its source code was never released and it probably never will.

If you can't handle Blood's vanilla mouse aim go get yourself B-Mouse and enjoy the real game for what it is because it is head above shoulders superior to that travesty. Idiots are now gonna talk shit like they know what they're talking about. I'm not gonna bother because arguing about this nonsense with idiots is fucking old and is utterly pointless as I said earlier.

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