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Why did they remove all the color and visual flare?

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pic unrelated?

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I wish REmake faced the same scrutiny other remakes do, it destroys the art direction of the original game in more blatant ways than most.

And yet all I hear is "OMG 10/10 remake it's so much better than the original!"

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Inferior art direction gets the tone of the game completely wrong. Added Lisa plotline is a cringefest

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Lol at people saying the graphics are better. It literally ruined the artstyle sucking out all color making each area far less distinctive and changing the tone from uncanny contemporary mansion into gothic haunted house parody to the point they even added a goddamn graveyard despite how recent the mansion is supposed to be

Don't even get me started on the Lisa shit. This game is a fucking joke that takes a dump on the legacy of the original game.

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Don't start, we've been through this, it's getting tiring

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If by remastered you mean the REmake then shame on you, it takes a massive dump on the original atmosphere and art direction

Do not ever play a remake before the original game

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